St. Herman’s Cave has a picturesque 180 ft. wide entrance with a sheer cliff wall draped in vines. The cave itself is at the base of another sinkhole with an underground stream that connects it to the inland Blue Hole sinkhole.

Following the actual steps that Mayan Shamans walked as they entered Xibalba (Entrance to the underworld), you will feel the presence of the ancient Gods as the spectacular crystal chambers are explored. Fire pits, charcoal and ash, pottery, bowls, relics, altars, wall carvings, glyph writings and actual skeletons of sacrificial victims are found in various ceremonial caves. But what is it that really captures your mind and memories here? It is the sights, the sounds, the smells and the unique way the Maya history is captured. This cave holds important cultural and archaeological significance, offering a glimpse into the Maya Classic Period.

Available From: Sleeping Giant Lodge
Price: $75.00*Minimum: 4 Persons
Days Offered: Mon **
Departs: 8:15 am   •  Returns: 2:00 pm ***

Please Note: Tour Price Varies Based on Location

What to bring:

  • Camera
  • Loose Comfortable Clothing
  • Bug Spray/Repellent
  • Hiking Boots/Durable, Well-Threaded Shoes


  • Not Handicapped Accessible
  • Not recommended for Pregnant Women
  • Not recommended for the Physically Challenged
  • Not recommended for persons who suffer from Heart/Respiratory Problems

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* All rates are in US dollars per person, based on minimum persons indicated. An additional 12.5% Government Sales Tax will be applied.
** Also available on different days upon request. Minimum persons required.
*** Length of time may vary depending on weather conditions that could affect travel times.