Snorkeling Belize’s Great Barrier Reef

Belize is one of the finest attractions for underwater exploration, which makes it a tremendous snorkeling destination!

Our country, is home to the second-largest coral Reef system in the world, and to an innumerable quantity of marine life. It consist of three of four atolls; namely Glover’s Reef Atoll, Turneffe Reef Atoll and Lighthouse Reef Atoll. Also it serves as a natural breakwater point that protects the beach from erosion by the waves and sheltering the cayes and all its inhabitants.

Snorkeling in Belize offers snorkelers a chance to explore the waters and observe the graceful creatures that lies beneath; from stunning corals and dramatic mangroves to regular features along with various seagrass habitats. These waters are of perfect temperature and depth to view schools of groupers, mackerel, king-fish, martin, tuna, lobster and even manta rays!

With a diverse range of marine environments, Belize captivates snorkeling enthusiasts eager to explore one of nature’s most remarkable creations!

Snorkeling in Belize Images


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