Hopkins Mango Festival 2016

Hopkins Village is well known as the hub of the Garifuna Culture in Belize. In celebration of this Culture and a tasty tribute to the most delicious of tropical fruits, the Hopkins Chapter of Belize Tourism Industry Association, has established the “Hopkins Mango Festival”

Mango Festival 2016

What to Expect? You can find everything in and on Mangoes, from the whole fruit to mango jams/jellies, mango smoothies, mango yogurt, mango lemongrass juice to enticing culinary masterpieces by renowned chefs and cooks.

The Hopkins Mango Festival is not only a delicious fruit fête but it also highlights Garifuna cultural performances, exhibits, arts and crafts and live Garifuna bands.

SAVE THE DATE: “Hopkins Mango Festival 2016” is on May 27th & 28th

Join some of Belize’s greatest chefs as they prepare their best mango dishes for you and be entertain by the many cultural performances.  It is a festival that can be enjoy by the entire family.


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