BELIZE: Perfect for Kids!

Belize has many key ingredients for a family friendly vacation: it is affordable compared to many other Caribbean destinations, it is safer than many other central american countries and it is the perfect beach and jungle destination offering an abundance of adventure, wildlife encounters, beach lounging and fun underwater experiences.


“The Best Little Zoo in the World!”

The Belize Zoo has been named the best little Zoo in the world, and rightfully so we have to agree. The Belize Zoo sits on 29 acres of Tropical Savannah and is home for over 170 animals. The Zoo keeps animals which were orphaned, rescued, rehabilitated, born at the Zoo, or were donated from other zoological institutes. This Zoo acts more as a rehabilitation center and safe haven for Belize’s wildlife rather than an actual International Zoo. The resident animals at the Zoo are kept in enclosures that mimic the natural habitat of the jungle that they would live in and is home to solely animals that can be found in the jungles of Belize.


This Zoo is home to larger cats like the jaguar, ocelot and even the National Animal of Belize, the Baird’s Tapir along with many other exotic wildlife. The Zoo is perfect for kids and gives them a chance to view these animals in their natural habitat. What kid would not want to be face to face with a jaguar? Through the enclosure of course. Popular events at the Belize Zoo include birthday parties for Fuego the Tapir, Buddy the Jaguar, Panama the Harpy Eagle; as well as Kid’s birthday parties. The Belize Zoo has plenty to keep kids and parents happy and having a good time.


Belize is blessed with 240 miles of coastline and the largest barrier reef in the Western hemisphere. This makes Belize the perfect place to pursue many salt water activities. With Belize’s abundance of marine life, you will not want to wait a second more to grab the kids, throw on your swimsuits and go on an underwater adventure! Snorkeling along the Great Barrier Reef gives you a chance to swim along side tropical fishes, eels, lobsters, conchs, rays, nurse sharks, and other creatures that inhabit the coral reef. This is perfect for kids as young as five or six. Older kids and teens might enjoy sailing, windsurfing and kayaking as well. Belize is also known as fisherman’s paradise because of its world class fishing, whether you are an amateur or a novice, fishing with the family is always a fun experience!


Older kids and teens might enjoy sailing, windsurfing and kayaking as well. Belize is also known as Fisherman’s Paradise because of its world class fishing, whether you are an amateur or a novice, fishing with the family is always a fun experience!


Explore the Mayan World

Many travelers come to Belize to explore mysterious Mayan Ruins, Ancient Mayan ceremonial caves and lush jungle trails. While this might not sound like a first pick on your family vacation to Belize, there isn’t anyone else that loves action and adventure more than kids. Take your kids on an adventure that will open your imagination as you walk through the chambers and to the top of Xunantunich Mayan Ruin where you will have a 360 degree view of the Belizean Rainforest, the neighboring towns and even Guatemala, the neighboring country.


Give yourself and your children an adventure never to be forgotten as you conquer the Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) Cave. Get a chance to see ancient mayan artifacts, the remainings of an Ancient Mayan hundreds of years old all while exploring an ancient Mayan Cave. This is perfect for kids and teens but not recommended for babies and toddlers.


Belize is the perfect kids friendly destination that will keep both parents and kids of all ages entertained, relaxed and happy that you made the right choice. It’s time to start planning your family’s adventure of a lifetime!



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