Enter into a world of complete recreation, let your mind, body and soul wander as your muscles release tension bringing forth total relaxation, balance and peace. As you unwind, let your body attune to the stimulating senses of smell, sound and touch while savouring the promise of serenity! Allow our massage therapists to pamper you as they reach the utmost goal of providing an authentic spa experience; leaving your body feeling renewed and refreshed!

Butterflies Spa is a haven of serenity by the sea…. the Only full-service spa in Hopkins Village, that offers a range of exciting treatments. The spa is designed to provide each guest with opportunities for personal transformation with treatments that encourages an optimal state of well-being.

The Spa faces a flower-filled courtyard, only a few yards away from our infinity pool, beach, and the Caribbean Sea, making it an ideal location for relaxation. It aims to refresh, renew, and revive guests while they relax at Jaguar Reef Lodge, Almond Beach Resort & Villa Margarita.

A range of Massages, Wraps, Scrubs and Facials to choose from

  • Signature Massage: 1 Hour $85, 30 minutes $50
  • Aromatherapy Massage: 1 Hour $85, 30 minutes $50
  • Dock Massage: 60 minutes $85, 30 minutes $50
  • Deep Tissue Massage: 1 hour $95
  • Hot Stone Massage: 1 hour 15 minutes $125
  • Romantic Couples Massage: 1 hour 30 minutes $225
  • Duet Massage: 60 minutes $170
  • Jetlag Defrag: 30 minutes $50
  • Hot Stone Foot Massage: 30 minutes $45
  • Prenatal Massage 60 minutes $85

Our newest offering is a luscious Warm Chocolate Massage, made from locally sourced, Belizean Chocolate. A heavenly experience that combines a scrub, wrap and massage, combined with the delicious smell of fresh chocolate. $150

Scrubs and Polishes
A refreshing way to cleanse, rejuvenate, exfoliate and revitalize the skin, with our range of natural salt and herb scrubs and polishes. Enjoy the removal of the product with warm towels, and then relax as we apply a moisturizing body lotion that leaves your skin feeling soft as a baby and as beautiful as a butterfly.

  • Zen Garden Body Polish: 30 minutes $60
  • Pineapple Coconut Sugar Scrub: 30 minutes $60
  • Warm Honey Butter Body Wrap: 1 Hour $90

Our range of facials detoxify, tone and revitalize tired, stressed, skin. Skin is left clean, refreshed and revived. Ideal after a day spent in the warm southern sun, snorkeling the reef, climbing Mayan Temples, or exploring the tropical rain forest jungle of Belize.

  • Butterflies Signature: 50 minutes $85
  • Belize Soothing Sun Facial: 45 minutes $70
  • Anti-Aging Facial: 50 minutes $90
  • Gentleman’s Facial 45 minutes $70

Our elegant sunken tubs add to the Butterflies Spa experience. Guests may choose to start their spa treatment with an Ocean Detox Bath or other relaxing, preparatory treatment, or end their spa experience with a glass of wine, candlelight tranquility and an aroma fusion bath.

Experience our Belizean foot bath, take the time to indulge yourself with a full body soak, or as a couple experience the delight of “an aromatic tub, a glass of wine, and thou” for the ultimate experience. From $30-$50

Jetlag Defrag
The ideal solution for stressed and exhaustion, is the Butterflies Jetlag Defrag, a gentle but effective pressure point massage on your head, neck and shoulders, a relaxing and refreshing moisturizing treatment for face and eyes, and a gentle massage to take away stress and strain. Guaranteed to ensure a good night’s sleep and a relaxing beginning to your vacation. $45

Hair Style/ Recondition
Wrap your hair in our signature hair reconditioning treatment after exposure to sun and sea.

  • Have your hair gently blown dry and styled for your romantic dinner
  • Be adventuresome and try braiding for that Caribbean look
  • Return home with silky hair, sun-kissed highlights and elegant styling.

From $35 – $50 and Updo’s from $75

Nail Care: Pedicures & Manicures

  • Classic Manicure: 30 minutes $30
  • Butterflies Signature Manicure: 45 minutes $45
  • Classic Pedicure: 30 minutes $35
  • Butterflies Signature Pedicure: 45 minutes $45

Spa Days

  • Day of Beauty: $260
  • Men’s Spa Day: $260

* All rates are in US dollars per person, based on minimum persons indicated. An additional 12.5% Government Sales Tax will be applied.

With lush foliage, soaring mountains and trickling creeks, it is hard to imagine a location in Belize more conducive to relaxation and rejuvenation than Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge. Guests wishing to unwind can experience a period of re-creation in its truest sense – a time for reflection, renewal and a break from the everyday stresses of life with one of our massage services.

Either in the comfort of your casita or on your veranda, our spa menu offers services infused with natural ingredients that are bound to relieve stress, tension and to leave your body renewed and balanced.


Escape to utmost tranquility with these massage services. With these options you will instantly drift into a blanket of warmth, falling into a state of calmness and utter relaxation. These options are design to detoxify, increase circulation, or find deep relaxation with the use of luxurious aromatic and natural body oils to help achieve your goal.

Aromatherapy Massage: US$75
Our therapist precisely blends essential oils, slowly working it natural into the body. This full body massage utilizes long strokes that provide relaxation, improve circulation and ease muscle tension.

Deep Tissue Massage: US$80
Also commonly referred to as Sports Massage, deep pressure is used to address tight muscle groups. We recommend this massage after an arduous tour.

Algae Massage: US$75
Restores elasticity and revitalizes the skin. This massage relieves stress and detoxifies while improving circulation.

Scrubs & Polish

A refreshing way to cleanse, rejuvenate, exfoliate and revitalize the skin, with our range of natural salt and herb scrubs and polishes. Enjoy the removal of the product with warm towels, and then relax as we apply a moisturizing body lotion that leaves your skin feeling soft as a baby.

Tropical Fruit Scrub: US$55
This fantastic treatment is inspired by its surroundings.  It’s a blend of pineapple, mango, papaya and honey, infused with essential oils, leaving skin soft and silky with a radiant, healthy glow.

Seaweed Body Scrub: US$60
A full rich mineral, this body exfoliation, purifies the skin while stimulating new cell growth.

Honey Body Polish: US$55
It restores the skin’s natural glow with an exfoliation massage treatment, removing dull surface skin cell, while improving circulation and producing a silky radiant looking skin.

Other Services

Mud Masque: US$70
This masque uses precious components of essential minerals and vitamins that help to strengthen the soft muscle tissue to achieve a toner body.

Facial: US$55
Our range of facials detoxifies tone and revitalizes tired and stressed skin using 100% natural products. Skin is left clean, refreshed and revived.

Manicure: US$35
Relax your hands in a warm soak while having your nails shaped, cuticles pushed, nipped and condition with a lavender base exfoliant.  Nails are finish with a tension relieving hand massage.

Pedicure: US$40
Soothed tired feet in a warm bath of peppermint essential oils.  Toe nails are shaped, cuticles are pushed, nipped and conditioned.  Dry skin is gently exfoliated with a pepper mint scrub from foot to knee.  A foot mask is applied to rehydrate skin.  Thereafter, a massage is performed and finished with a polish of your choice.