The Caves Branch Botanical Gardens were created in 2008 by Ella Baron and the Caves Branch Jungle Lodge to bring awareness to the general public about the beauty and importance of Belizean flora and fauna. Visitors to the garden have the great opportunity to smell the lemongrass and all-spice leaves, see the coffee, cacao, papaya and pineapple growing, at various times of the year, along the sides of the walkways through the gardens.

We specialize in native epiphytes, such as orchids and bromeliads (air plants) and have the largest collection of these plants in the country. Our dedication to preserving and documenting the flora of Belize is more than apparent when touring our gardens.

Conservation of Belize's plants and animals is very important to the Caves Branch Botanical Garden in addition to providing a visual and tropical oasis for our guests at the lodge. Currently, Caves Branch Botanical Gardens collaborates with the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota, Florida to create an inventory of the epiphytes of Belize. Our team goes on extreme expeditions in the most remote areas of Belize identifying, collecting and recording species previously unknown to Belize. Knowledge of plant diversity in those areas is crucial for successful conservation efforts.

Education is a large focus of the Caves Branch Botanical Gardens. Our team has created garden clubs at a number of elementary schools throughout Belize, teaching the children about the importance and value of Belize's plants. On-going workshops are conducted in order to teach the children how to properly care for plants. These workshops take place in our gardens and in their school gardens and the communities they reside in.

The Caves Branch Botanical Garden team manages the National Tamandua Rescue and Rehabilitation Center located at the Caves Branch Jungle Lodge. As a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to education, conservation and rehabilitation, the Caves Branch Botanical Garden has become the only refuge for the Tamanduas (local anteaters) in Belize. The Caves Branch Botanical Garden is also a member of the Belize Wildlife Conservation Network, which is a growing network of individuals and organizations devoted to assisting wildlife in trouble, and protecting the delicate balance between humans and wildlife.

Available From: Belize Tree Houses
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