Bioluminescence Tour in Belize

The Bioluminescence Tour in Hopkins, Belize

While we were having a sunbath swinging on the hammock, the Adventure and Tour Department Manager approached us to offer an unexpected new adventure: The Bioluminescence Tour.

Hopkins Mango Festival 2016

Hopkins Village is well known as the hub of the Garifuna Culture in Belize. In celebration of this Culture and a tasty tribute to the most delicious of tropical fruits, the Hopkins Chapter of Belize Tourism Industry Association, has established the “Hopkins Mango Festival”

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Top Things To Do In Hopkins, Belize

A trip to Hopkins in Belize would not be a vacation without a chance to do something innovative and exhilarating! There is so much to do when traveling to Hopkins, numerous activities that include tropical rainforests, Mountains, underwater marine ecosystems and much more.