Southwest Airlines Soars to Belize!

Houston we have No problem!

Today is a big day for Southwest Airlines and Belize, as the first international flight from Houston to Belize takes off. Southwest Airlines announced in May of this year that they would be adding Belize to their growing list of international flights and we could not be happier.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airline Flight #827 is scheduled to depart Hobby Airport, Houston at 1:45 pm and land at 3:05 pm at the Phillip Goldson International Airport in Belize. A lot of excitement is in the air as Southwest Airlines is given a proper Belizean welcome ceremony upon their arrival.

Houston we have no Problem

On May 14th, 2015 when Southwest announced that they would be launching new flights to Belize, a domino effect of discounted airline flights to Belize by their competitors flooded the market. Southwest is known for cheaper rates than their competitors and a few other great incentives, such as two free checked bags, peanuts, no flight change penalties, friendly staff, and free beer and wine on holidays! Southwest is the clear winner for being nice to customers.

Bags fly free!

The new Southwest flights to Belize are estimated to bring in 950 overnight tourist a week to Belize, which is great for Belize’s fast growing tourism industry. Everyone wants to experience paradise at a reasonable cost. Don’t you?

Flying to Belize

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