Mermaids Flourish Among Belize’s Oldest Marine Reserve!

What would be your reaction if suddenly, you saw mermaids swimming by while you were exploring our Belizean waters? Hol Chan Marine Reserve, the most popular diving and snorkeling site in all of Belize, was recently visited by mermaids!


This marine reserve established twenty eight years ago focuses on the preservation of aquatic life. It boasts of several marine life such as sea turtles, lobsters, sponges, seagrass beds, algae, myriads of coral formations, plus more. But there has never been mermaids flourishing its waters!

These ‘mythical’ marine creatures were made a reality by Jason Darling and Maria Russo of Sirenalia. Their Austin-based company uses silicone to create all their mermaid products which makes it seem realistic. Being frequent visitors to the area and realizing that our reef system has been suffering for several decades, one of the goals of their company is to assist in its sustenance and bringing awareness through underwater events to create a greater appreciation for the area.


In this way, their favorite place to visit can be shared with their unborn child and other future generations!

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