An Amazing Belize Vacation at a Jungle GEM!

Stressed to the breaking point and desperately needing a weekend getaway, my family and I had decided to visit this charming hidden gem, a jungle lodge located on the Hummingbird Highway, approximately 3 miles from the inland Blue Hole and about hour and half away from the Belize International Airport.

The day had begun in the warm and sunny Valley – after a 1.5 hours’ drive from my location in Belize, I was standing speechless and idolizing the beauty of Sleeping Giant Lodge. I skimmed my surroundings, admiring the mist-shrouded landscape of a high-montage cloud forest; I took a deep breath of mountain air which was deliciously chilly and headed towards the lobby.

Sleeping Giant has been rapidly growing and becoming known for its picturesque scenery, its famous bird-watching and unique caving expeditions. The lodge’s 7 small casitas scattered over an acre or so of property, clinging to the mountainside and surrounding by thousand acres of wilderness. We coiled our way down the hill to Casita 4. The casita is a beautiful standalone building with huge windows and finishing’s with local woods, cane, marble and granite– and furnished with a king bed and a bunk bed as per our request. The casitas have an amazing 3 piece bathroom that features a- complete giant walk in shower and outdoor bathtub. The first thing I noticed was the wonderful porch hammock that overlooks a beautiful spring fed creek and the beautifully design pool!

We enjoyed the visitors that came to our porch and the majestic views!

Soon my 1.5 year old reminded me that it was time for early Dinner. The lodge’s restaurant is divided into two decks…the first deck hosts the bar/sitting area plus a balcony dining area. The second story/third floor is breakfast and dinner sitting area. This area offers some amazing views to the mountains!

I savour in the view of the mountains while we ate what almost every Belizean Family would eat: the traditional Belizean rice and beans, potatoes salad, stewed chicken, and fried sweet plantains.

As we ate, I couldn’t help to eavesdrop over the terrific time and all the different bird spotting the couple next to us had while on an early bird watching and hike to the gazebo. This was just helping to spike my excitement for what was to come!

The sun had set, the temperature dropped, fat raindrops splashed on the tiny roof of the restaurant building. Soon, the drizzle turned into a full-fledged storm and Richard, the lodge bartender offered an umbrella for us to take to our room.

Armed with my 1.5 year old in tow and the promise of seeing wonderful wildlife the following day, we called it an early night. Tomorrow, we’d be up with the sun to go bird watching and hiking to the gazebo!

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