A Vacation to Belize

As describeb by guest Sarah Frazier

On our arrival, Bryan was there to greet us and was very accommodating, he showed us our casita and explained when to let him know which adventure we wanted to do and the when/where breakfast, lunch, and dinner would be. He was awesome – every night he would talk to us at dinner and let us know what we needed to bring with us for the next day’s adventure. Part of the way through the week Eugene took over and he was just as wonderful as Bryan was.

The Casita has a little porch with chair/table (and a handy fan you could turn on to cool you down!) There was a safe inside, single-serve coffee maker, mini-fridge, hair dryer, and shampoo/conditioner/body soap. I would not have packed my shampoo/conditioner has I known how wonderful theirs would have smelled! It also has this giant soaker tub outside on an enclosed patio.

Jason, Berta, Big Baby, and Gareth took care of us for dinner/lunches/breakfast/drinks at the bar. They were all great – every one of them went above and beyond. I cannot eat any gluten and they always made sure that the food I was eating was safe for me to eat – it was all sooo good. The chefs/kitchen staff there were awesome, they altered their soup recipes so that I could have them at dinner! The dinners were outstanding every night, I highly recommend just getting the special everyday – it was delicious. Jason really went out of his way to make sure I had gluten free desserts, even making ice cream one day! Outstanding service all around.

Now the adventures! We did horseback riding, Xunantunich Ruin, Tikal (in Guatemala), Waterfall Cave Expedition, and ATM.

Horseback riding was so much fun, we went to Banana Bank Lodge and rode through the jungle. They will tailor the ride to your level of horseback riding.


Xunantunich was amazing, our guide picked us up from the resort in the morning, drove us off to San Ignacio and he also was our guide through the ruins. It was awesome to see the history. We ate at a local restaurant and then went to Cahal Pech afterwards to see those ruins.


Tikal in Guatemala was my favorite ruins to see. It was about a 3 1/2 hour ride there, but well worth every minute. When we arrived we got a personal guide who took us through the park. He was incredibly knowledgeable and took us through side paths to get everywhere. Seeing all the ruins was incredible.

Waterfall Cave Expedition – DO THIS! This was amazing, you basically are in a cave and get to climb up waterfalls, you turn around and get to jump off them on your way back. This was my favorite ‘active’ adventure we did and I would do it again – that’s how much fun it was.


Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) – this was really cool to see. It was described to us as the Ruins we saw at Xunantunich and Tikal were like the Upperworld and the ATM cave was a the Underworld. There was pottery everywhere and a very skeletons. It was very educational and extremely cool to see.

We spent one day hanging out at the resort and kayaked up and down the river, spent some time in their amazing pool, and just relaxed. It’s pretty quiet at the resort during the day since most people are out on adventures, so we had the pool almost to ourselves. It is a smaller lodge, probably an average of 20 people there every night we stayed.

Overall this was one of the best vacations I’ve ever taken and I would definitely go again!

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