Waiting our turn to rappel down the black hole

Rappelling down the Black Hole Drop

If you are looking for a high intensity adrenaline-filled experience in the Belizean rainforest then this is the mother of them all! The Black Hole Drop, or like the locals called it, “The mother of all Caves”… Actun Loch Tunich.

Mountain Top Gazebo View Sleeping Giant Lodge Belize

Sleeping Giant Gazebo Hike

Belize is not only about amazing beaches, if you dare to explore its interior, you will be surprised by its jungle full of color and life. It’s important to know that more than 60% of the country is covered by tropical rainforest and many protected areas are waiting to be discovered.

Me enjoying the Belize Barrier Reef

Snorkeling and Diving in Southern Belize

Belize is well known for its beautiful Barrier Reef, the second longest in the world, and probably one of the best preserved and healthy coral areas due to its water quality: always warm, clear and full of life.

Garifuna Night at Jaguar Reef Lodge

4 Ways to explore the Garifuna Culture in Hopkins Village

After several days in the Garifuna Fishing Village of Hopkins, we wanted to venture off and explore a little more of this fascinating culture and get a firsthand experience of their music, language and intriguing way of life.

Sunrise at Jaguar Reef Lodge

Belize, here we go – starting our adventure!

Landing at Belize City International airport, we realized that we were already in the much sought after tropical climate: the sun, the breeze and the people were just as we imagined.

Marta in Belize

Belize: A New Adventure awaits!

My decision to get a college Degree in Tourism was inspired by my insatiable childhood dream to travel around the world, to discover new cultures and people, to explore and to delve into those kind of enriching experiences that molds our lives.


Hopkins Mango Festival 2016

Hopkins Village is well known as the hub of the Garifuna Culture in Belize. In celebration of this Culture and a tasty tribute to the most delicious of tropical fruits, the Hopkins Chapter of Belize Tourism Industry Association, has established the “Hopkins Mango Festival”


Are you ready for Belize?

At ViVA BELiZE we believe that a truly Breathtaking Belize Experience is one filled with adventure and excitement. Belize has tons of amazing adventures to offer and a ViVA BELiZE vacation makes it easy to experience them all!

Bailarinas guatemaltecas en orinoco 2007

A Melting Pot of Cultures

One of the best ways to truly experience Belize is by getting to know the culture and interacting with our friendly people. Having a population of approximately 347,369, the Garinagu also referred to as Garifuna (mixture of African & Caribbean Indian heritage), the Mestizos (mixture of Spanish and Mayas), the Creoles or Kriols (mixture of African and European) and the Mayas make up the majority of the population of Belize.

The Black Hole Drop

Plunging 300 feet into the darkness below…

The Black Hole Drop isn’t your typical holiday adventure. You’re trekking through a muddy rainforest, up and down mountains, making your way through winding, overgrown pathways, over rocks and roots holding onto ropes and branches to pull yourself forward. It takes a certain amount of determination to make it all the way to the top…

Stops along the trail

Hiking to the Mountaintop Gazebo at Sleeping Giant Lodge

With over 75% of Belize still covered with dense tropical rainforest, the country has one of the most accessible jungle in the Western Hemisphere. The Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge located along the brim of the Maya Mountains in Central Belize, is surrounded by over 100,000 acres of wilderness.

The Lionfish Invasion of Belize

The Lionfish Invasion of Belize

In 1985, when lionfish (Pterois volitans) were first introduced into the Atlantic, their population size was estimated to be between 8 – 12 individuals. Since then their population has gone through exponential growth enabling them to spread uncontrollably across their new range.