Sleeping Giant Lodge In the Maya Mountains Continues to Amaze Me


I visited Sleeping Giant Lodge in Cayo, Belize for the first time in August 2014 and was…blown away. I gushed. Yes I did. And you can see it all here. But the casita (larger than my apartment), the pool and the view… I’d seen nothing like it in Belize.

Top 6 places to spend Christmas in Belize


At this festive time of year, most of the world comes together to celebrate Christmas – and what better place to spend Christmas than in one of the World’s Best Kept Secrets: Belize. 

The Jaguar Reef Lodge Life


Jaguar Reef Lodge & Spa is a beautiful beachfront resort situated in the charming Hopkins Village in Southern most part of Belize.

Almond Beach Resort & Spa Guest Reviews

Hopkins Belize

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BELIZE: Perfect for Kids!


Belize has many key ingredients for a family friendly vacation: it is affordable compared to many other Caribbean destinations, it is safer than many other central american countries and it is the perfect beach and jungle destination offering an abundance of adventure, wildlife encounters, beach lounging and fun underwater experiences.

Inspirational Travel Quotes


There’s nothing better than finding travel quotes that speaks to your soul; quotes that capture little moments of clarity that highlight truths about travel, adventure and life. The ones that make you say, “This is what I want to do” or “This is what my life lacks”.

ViVA BELiZE Vacation Deals!

La Beliza Island Resort Belize Pool

Did you need another reason to spend your vacation in Belize? Well here it is! ViVA BELiZE is giving back to their customers with Resort Credit offered at the following Belize Resorts

Things to do in Hopkins Village: Part 1

Snorkeling in Belize

Belize is a small Central American country along the coast of the Caribbean Sea spanning only 23,000 square kilometers. Despite the size, This pristine little country has a lot to offer. From stunning beaches and an abundance of marine life and activities to many unique jungle adventures and experiences, Belize is one of the world’s best kept secrets.